Sunday, August 24, 2008


Q: Why are you sometimes credited as Adam Blaustein?

A: I'm transgendered. I used to be Adam Blaustein until I transitioned to living as a female and changed my name to Madeleine Blaustein.

Q: So I have a question: Overall, do you like playing as Meowth? Like, was it fun?

A: Meowth has been a nonstop joy to voice for 8 solid years :) I loved every minute of being Meowth!

Q: What would be your least favorite role ever on Pokémon?

A: That I played? I loved all the characters I played.

Q: Maddie, how does the dubbing process work? Did you get the Japanese version and the writers translate it? I guess they do that and you go into a studio like an actor would for any other cartoon.

A: The Japanese scripts are translated and then refined by a script-writer who carefully makes sure that the new script matches up with the lip-flap as best they can.

Then the scripts are given to the director who casts any remaining filler parts.

By the time I get the script it's polished to its final draft, and the director tells the "talent" (that's what they call us) what the episode is about and what the character arcs are.

Then --I pretty much go to town! When the director wants a different read from me he'll ask --but after 8 years of doing Meowth, I pretty much get it right the first time I read it at this point.

Q: Have you or anyone on the cast met your Japanese counterparts? From what I understand, the Japanese Meowth is quite poetic. Doesn't have the same feel as the Brooklyn brwalin' Meowth but then again I don't understand Japanese.

A: I have never met Inuyama Inuko, but I have always tried to make my Meowth and her Meowth scream the same :) For whatever reason it was decided from the beginning to make Meowth America a real wise guy Brooklyn type. Since I actually live in Brooklyn --it was pretty easy for me to do!

Q: What influences did you have when "creating" Meowth's voice? Was it just the director or were you allowed to import a personal tone too?

A: My influences on Meowth start with Bugs Bunny, Joe Pesci and Shirley Booth from the old TV show Hazel.

Q: How many hours does it take for the dubbing of an episode in general?

A: Depends on the episode. I'm usually booked for a couple of hours.

Q: Assuming you've had the chance to listen to a few of them, what are your opinions of Meowth's voice in various other languages? Have any of them influenced your portrayal of the character in any way?

A: I've only heard them --never seen them to picture, so I can't judge how well they match flap --but they all make me laugh. The one from Israel sounds like Jerry Lewis to me, and the German one sounds particularly mean.

Q: And, this is more of a general knowledge type of question but...who on earth voices Wobbuffet? Despite the fact it only says it's name, they do an awesome job of capturing it's character. I'd like to thank them for a job well done :p

A: Wobbuffet is voiced by Kazie Rogers (who happens to be a former student of mine!)

Q: Why do you feel PUSA is inferior to 4Kids' work?

I ask because over the years, 4Kids has tried to provide a professional look while. somewhat stumbling over themselves. There have been a number of ridiculous edits placed into the show, namely digitally painting over ethnic foods and signs that are in English, Japanese or even in a fictionally made language. The original music is generally omitted for music provided by a synthesizer though it's never an attempt to give the same feeling as the original, and we end up losing some music that is game music remade for the anime.

A: PUSA is not actually doing the production work. That's why.
Instead what is happening is PUSA is using TAJ Productions to do it.

You seem to think that you will get something more authentic out of the new production, I'm telling you now that it won't be.

Q: And Maddie, go easy on NewBrock, he does have valid points. You were criticizing the way PUSA handled it (which was fine), now you’re just going all-out blatently bashing on at the new VA's specifically, and how they handled it. Understand it isn't the new VA's problem, sure they have their ups and downs, but so did the old ones. And it wasn't their fault that they 'replaced' the old VA's.

A: NewBrock wasn't among the ones I'm criticizing.

Q: You said you didn't like the music in the 10th anniversary special, why exactly?

A: I liked the music --I didn't think it was placed appropriately. On its own the music was fine --the production was poor and the sound editing as well.

Q: What did you really think of the way the new voice actor voiced Meowth, and do you know him/her (I forget) personally?

A: I thought the new Meowth was okay at doing an imitation of me. And yes I know who did the voice. But I won't say.

Q: Do you remember any outtakes/bloopers from recording? If you do, what happened?

A: We're always cutting up in the booth. It's always funny --and always absolutely dirty.

Q: Out of all the international Meowths you've heard, which is your favorite?

A: I get a big kick out of the one from Israel.

Q: Why was Hun feminized in the dub of Legend of Thunder? For that matter, what was with the lack of continuity regarding Eusine and Jackson? (If you don't remember, they were given new names and new voices, despite having appeared before in the show)

A: I don't know --I usually don't find out anything until we record --but I was as ****** as you were.

Q: Um would you have liked to dub the show if they ever made the next part of the anime to be based on...the Colosseum or XD game for the Gamecube with the Cipher Shadow Pokemon plot instead of the classic gym leaders and elite battle plot instead?

A: I think they should do a show with just Meowth and Togepi.

Q: Made any friends while dubbing?

A: I think of Eric, Veronica and Rachel as very dear friends.

Q: This is One Piece related. Do you voice "Dr. Kureha"? It sounds like you...

A: I was indeed Dr. Kureha.

Q: To become a voice actor what is the best way to get into that profession? Like what are the kinds of things you need to do?

A: Practice Practice Practice! And have fun with it!

Q: Can you recommend anything for me? I’d really love to be a voice actor.

A: When I was a kid I taught myself to do every single Mel Blanc voice I could. I had wanted to be a voice actor since I was very little kid.

Q: Have you ever met Al Kahn, and is he a nice guy?

A: I've met him at 4Kids parties -- I find him to be charming.

Q: I could tell pretty much that you did the voice of Chef Kawasaki. But other than that, wow. I had no idea that you actually played a bunch of characters for the show! That's awesome! So, which other characters did you do the voice for on the show? Did you do the Mailman, I wonder? OMG, did you do King De De De? It would be so cool, if you did! Or no, I'm probably wrong about that, but did you do Escargoon's voice, by any chance?

A: On Kirby I was Kawasaki, Tuggle, Mehlman, Waddle-doo, Biblio, and bunches of minor characters I can’t recall the names of at the moment.

Q: I love Kirby: Right Back At Ya! I wish they were still airing it (I have no idea why 4KidsTV took off the show, do you know why?).

A: We had to stop the show --we ran out of cartoons to dub :)

Q: Why are some objects in the series that are considered too "foreign" for American viewers digitally altered (such as rice balls into sandwiches and crackers) while others are left completely alone? This is primarily referring to the most recent season, where the edits were incredibly inconsistent. This inconsistency has confused many people, so is there any reasoning behind leaving some objects alone, but tweaking others?

A: I have no clue at all. The episodes are already tweaked by the time I see them.

Q: When you receive the scripts for Pokémon to record with, do they list the series using the subtitles? In other words, for example do the scripts list "Pokémon: Advanced Battle episode 389" or does the episode count change for you guys after each season.

A: They just list the number of the episode.

Q: Do the scripts list 'Edited version'? If they do, do you (or anyone else for that matter) ask when you'll do the uncut counterpart?

A: I never know if they've been edited. I'd love to watch all the Japanese versions, but I simply don't have the time. I do watch some of them --and very much like Kojiro and Nyasu.

Q: Have you ever met Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart, and Rachael Lillis?

A: Veronica, Eric, Rachel and I are all friends now :)

Q: How long did it take to dub the 8th movie?

A: Hard to say --I didn't keep track of the time

Q: What is your opinion on the Uncut Yugioh DVDs? Would you be interested in continuing them and maybe Pokemon ones if all goes well?

A: I would love to do anything with Yugioh. I enjoyed working on it a lot.

Q: How exactly does 4kids audition voice actors for roles on the series? Are you guys contracted first, or do a bunch of you just go into a room to audition, and then the "guys in suits" just decide which actor is best for the part?

A: They call in people they think would be right for the role and have us record it without saying our names. Then a bunch of people in suits listen to the tapes and pick what they like.

Q: Any specific qualifications to become a 4kids VA? Or just general college degrees?

A: You need to be able to read, do funny voices, match lip-flap, show up on time and have some decent acting skills. I went to Art School (which my Dad assures me is not really college)

Q: Do you voice anybody in Yugioh GX?

A: Yes --but I haven't appeared yet --and I'm waiting to see if you'll all figure out who.

Q: Do you voice anybody in Yugioh GX?

A: Yes --but I haven't appeared yet --and I'm waiting to see if you'll all figure out who.

Q: Don't mean to offend you, but has being transgendered affected your career. I know some companies won't hire people like that, and I think it is great that you are treated equal at 4kids. I'm a big believer in equal rights.

A: It has affected my career --now they hire me for male AND female voices!
Seriously though, one of the reasons for my being very loyal to 4Kids is the level of support they showed me when I came out of the closet :)

Q: If circumstances happened to be so where you and the old VAs could do the voice acting but everything else would be the same as how they did the special, would that be satisfactory to you?

A: The sound editing would have to be better --but sure

Q: If the whole next season aired with the new VAs, and then by some chance, they wanted you and the others to take the place of the new VAs, would you accept?

A: Would depend on so many different factors that it's hard to say.

Q: Lastly, did you really not like the placement of the music in the special? I mean... honestly, I thought it was extremely fitting, and it was placed so appropriately to -me- that I found the Mew scene to be extremely emotional and NOT 4kids crap where the scene was butchered and Mew wasn't really gone or something... and there was actual silence during one scene! Not just the same constant music playing! I honestly felt like I was watching a Japanese episode of Pokemon except for English voices, and it was just terrific.

A: liked the actual music --I didn't thing the dramatic stings were well placed. But I'm very picky about that sort of thing.

Q: Do you have met somebody of the Japanese voice cast?

A: I’ve met the animators :)

Q: What's your favorite voice in the Pokemon dub that you don’t provide?

A: Jessie

Q: Does the entire 'old' pokemon cast feel badly about having to leave their roles?

A: The whole original cast goes from either sad to angry; I'm more sad.

Q: If you could voice another anime, which one would it be?

A: Anime? Hmmmm --If they ever brought back Speed Racer --I'd want to play Sparky or Pops.

But I've always wanted to be Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny is my true true love.

Q: So even though contracts have been signed, they can be overlooked

A: There are always ways around contracts.

Q: While you were dubbing a season, did you ever know the story for the next episode before you got your lines? Or were you just given the dialogue without background context of what was going on in the episode?

A: The director and I would talk about the story before we recorded. The schedule was hectic and didn’t really give me time to read scripts ahead of time.

Q: Was it a hard schedule to keep up with dubbing 52 episodes of Pokemon per year for 8 years?

A: Yes :)

Q: How much freedom did you and the other VAs get when it came to choosing who would voice a "character of the day" and what they would sound like?

A: The director picked

Q: Have you even seen a character in the Japanese version who you really wanted to voice when it came to dubbing that episode?

A: Harley and Hun

Q: Besides any anime what other roles did you like doing voices for as well? Movies, cartoons, video games, etc.

A: Video games are great fun to do

Q: What is the worst character you have ever voiced?

A: I loved playing Dr. K on Cubix --but it was murder on my throat.

Q: How did it come to be that you ended up playing the role of Meowth in the beginning?

A: was the most utilized "filler" voice on Pokemon up til epidode #29 when the first Meowth quit the show (and hadn't even aired yet!). I was aked to play Meowth but at first they wanted me to do a "sound-alike". I said I wouldn't do the part as a "sound-alike" (I find that insulting to the previous talent) and so they let me do Meowth my way.

Q: What was your reaction when you were told that the new voice actors were going to be taking your places?

A: I cried and snuggled my cat Samwise (who was a great comfort)

Q: Do you think you can grace us with your voice acting talents for this game as well?? Cause it just won't feel right if it's you not voicing them :D

A: If they call me, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Q: Is Vercoina Taylor a good friend and good to work with?

A: Veronica is a dear friend and the nicest person to work with that I can imagine.

Q: Have you enjoyed playing Meowth and would like to keep on playing Meowth

A: If I had my choice I'd still play Meowth when I'm a little old lady (In fact it might sound better that way, since my Grandma Sadie is a partial inspiration --she sounded like Edith Bunker!)

Q: would like to ask what do you think of the new VAs? I have heard them and I don't like them. Especially Meowth.

A: I thought they were too burdened with imitating the original cast to explore their range as actors. I thought Meowth was a fine imitation but lacked soul.

Q: As a diehard Yu-gi-oh fan (and GX to) I never noticed you did Grandpa's voice to, (which is odd since I watched the episode when he dueled Joey again and it didn't seem to click. But do you voice of Aster (Edo), Kenzan, Saiou, Kenzan Saiou and or Napolean?

A: I'll be playing Sartorious. Is that a big part? Why oh why am I mostly villains? I'm such a nice lady!

Q: As a diehard Yu-gi-oh fan (and GX to) I never noticed you did Grandpa's voice to, (which is odd since I watched the episode when he dueled Joey again and it didn't seem to click. But do you voice of Aster (Edo), Kenzan, Saiou, Kenzan Saiou and or Napolean?

A: I'll be playing Sartorious. Is that a big part? Why oh why am I mostly villains? I'm such a nice lady!

Q: In Meowth's Party when you had to record it, did you find it awkward? I mean I just watched the video for it someone posted and it seem as it would be kind of weird to sing as Meowth, but you pulled it off quiet well ^.^;

A: My favorite thing to do is sing in my Meowth voice --I do it in the shower!

Q: Do the scriptwriters have any particular reason why nobody is surprised about a talking Meowth anymore?

A: Good Question! It bothers me as well

Q: If you had been chosen to do any other voice on the Anime, what character would make you most comfortable?

A: James. But Eric's is so funny it's hard to imagine. When I first auditioned for Pokemon way back when, I was really hoping to be James. Thank the stars Eric ended up with it --nobody can replace Stuart's James. Nobody, I however, look way cuter in a dress.

Q: and I'd like to take a stab at who you'll be playing in Yu-Gi-Oh GX... Would it be Ed Phoenix or Napolean by any chance?

A: Sartorius --and it's a voice you have never heard me do.

Q: On the rare occasion that a Meowth other than the one we all know and love appears, do you voice it?

A: I do all the Meowths :)

Q: On the pokemon short "Gotta Dance!" Meowth had to sing the poke party song. Did you have fun when you were singing the song?

A: Singing as Meowth is my favorite thing in the world.

Q: Before you started doing the VA for Meowth how did you feel the old VA actor was doing? Like was the person good at it or wasn't that great at it?

A: very much loved Matt's Meowth --one of the reasons I didn’t want to do a "sound-alike"

Q: Hi Maddie. While checking imdb, I noticed that RENT alumni Sebastian Arcelus did voice work on Yu-Gi-Oh, and also did a voice in Destiny Deoxys. Have you met or worked with him in person? And also, do you enjoy the musical RENT (the stage show, not the movie)?

A: RENT is a great musical. Never met Sebastian.

Q: Who did you voice in Sonic X?

A: I do filler voices on Sonic. My usual part on Sonic would be like Guard #3.

Q: How much do you get paid for your job?

A: Not nearly enough.

Q: Do you think that the Battle Frontier saga has potential for the best season of Pokemon (before you knew you weren't part of season 9) like a lot of us do?

A: I think there are some exciting things in store for the twoips, It makes me sad not to be a part of it all. I hope the new guys are up to it.

Q: You played the President in Shadow the Hedgehog? Wow, truth be told, I'd have never pegged you as the voice actor for that guy. Does that also mean you played the part of Bruno the Elite Four member, WAY back in the old days? If I recall correctly, both him and the President in the Sonic series share similarities between their voices.

A: Good ears! Yes --I was Bruno.

Q: When your ill and can't voice Meowth what happens? Do they have to wait until you’re feeling better or do they get a sound-alike to voice Meowth?

A: They wait. But being a voice pro for 20 odd years, I also know how to get my voice back in fairly short order.

Tea with Lemon, Honey and Ginger is my goddess.

: When you walk around town, do people notice you saying "Hey, it is the voice of Meowth!"?

A: I've had little kids notice it. Adults never do. I really do sound an awful lot like Meowth (Brooklyn accent and all) maybe not quite so crazed though. I'm a fairly quiet person.

Q:What comics you worked on. I saw a place where it said you worked on comics. I was just wondering that's all. I read a lot of comics myself. Mostly Marvel Comics.

A: used to be the Associate editor on Spiderman (back before he got married)
I've written Web #45, some back stories in Conan The King, I used to write the TSR stuff for DC (Spelljammer and Dragonrealms). I wrote The Shield for Impact. I wrote Static for Milestone, as well as a miniseries called Deathwish.

Q: Has there been any news regarding you and the other VAs?

A: I'm sure I'll be the absolute last to know at this point, so I'm concentrating on my new role as "Saiou" on GX. I still have hopes for Meowth though.

Q: Will you still watch the anime if Meowth's voice gets recasted?

A: I won't be able to watch the USA version. Too sad for me. I'll watch the "subs" instead.

Q: How'd you break into the comics biz?

A: I was an art school graduate --working at a Gallery doing Custom Framing.

Q: Has any past comic writer influenced your work?

A: Jim Owsley. Best and most underappreciated writer in the business.
(He works now under the name Christopher Priest). Also Larry Hama was a big influence. Denny O'Niel, Ann Nocenti --I could go on and on.

Q: Bulbapedia says you're still in comics as senior digital artist at DC and that you created Static's Rubber-Band Man.

A: yes, I'm the Senior Digital Artist at DC Comics. How cool am I?

Q: I was just wondering, do you know how many voice talent 4Kids has on the payroll? Is this some sort of union or group you guys have going or something??

A: don't know --but there are an awful lot of 'em. All of us work for Production Companies all over Manhattan. We're not tied exclusively to 4Kids.

Q: Did you like doing the short Gotta Dance! (lots of good Meowth moments in there)

A: It's my absolute favorite Pokemon short. It was a blast to do. Lucario (Movie #8) has tons of really great Meowth scenes.

Q: Do you watch every dubbed Pokemon episode when it airs on TV?

A: I watch every single episode with my parrot Jake. He was upset by the special and flew out of the room when Meowth came on.

Q: Did you guys have a lot of fun doing the audio commentary on Pokemon 4Ever? And also, when it was recorded, were you and all the other VAs all in one room (along with the director and producer)? P.S. - Remember the 'Flappy Award?' thing that was mentioned on there? LOL. XD

A: WE had a total blast!

Q: I am just curious, but how come after the 4th movie, I never saw audio commentaries on any of the DVDs afterwards? I mean, why didn't (or couldn't) you guys put an audio commentary onto the 5th, 6th, or 7th movie DVDs?

A: I don't know -- I just do what they tell me to do.

Q: Are there going to be any cool extras or special features on the Mew and The Wave The Wave Guinding Hero Lucario Hero Lucario DVD? Please let there be an audio commentary on there!

A: Hope so!

Q: What do you think of Meowth's Japanese voice?

A: I’m a huge fan of Inuyama --I think she's wonderful

Q: Has there ever been a VA job you refused to take because of a character or the show itself for any reason? And does that include any Pokemon episodes (banned ones) or Pokemon characters?

A: I refused to do a Pro-Bush commercial once. I turned it down even though it would have paid well.

Q: What is your opinion on the music for the Anime?

A: I prefer the Japanese music.

Q: In the game Pokemon Channel did you play Meowth?

A: Daaaaaaaaat's right!

Q: How far in advanced do you dub an episode, and do you get to see the finished product?

A: We're usually 2-3 months ahead, and yes --every Saturday morning :)

Q: You watch the Bratz?! Never actually watched the show, but I saw clips of it on the Soup on E! It seems really bad.

A: It is bad. Deliciously bad. And one of my favorite actresses voices the villain.
I just love Wendy Mallick.

Q: Have you ever made appearances at any anime/pop culture/comic book conventions? If not, is it something you would like to do in the future?

A: I've gone to some --I never tell people who I am. When I get recognized I get very embarrassing

Q: I know you actors aren't always in the booth together, but have you ever worked with Dan Green?
If so, what's he like? He's my fave. (You're great too though. ^^)

A: Dan's a very nice fellow. He's directed me in some non-4Kids anime and a more talented director you simply won't find.

Plus his voice makes me weak-kneed. Am I right, girls?

Q: Did you enjoy doing the commentary for the 4th movie DVD? I know I enjoyed listening. I wish you guys would've done more! Wasn't it you that, on the commentary, said Charizard has appeared on Hollywood Squares since leaving Pokémon? XD

A: hhahahahaha --Yes that was me :) It's still an in-joke at 4Kids.

Q: Do the other 4kids VA's know that you have a thread here? Did they ever express interest in talking with the fans as you have?

A: They believe I'm both brave and marginally insane.

Q: Do you ever have trouble doing the open (or) closed mouth 'reactions' that Meowth has? Or are the reactions from Meowth more like screams? XD

A: Meowth must have a hundred of different reactions. The animators draw him so expressively --it's a challenge to keep up with his face.

Q: How do you juggle that and voice acting? Voice acting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Tuesdays and Thursday you go to DC Comics? That's gotta be stressful. Let's hope you don't accidentally put Meowth side by side with Catwoman. Although. that might work. Nah, Nintendo wouldn't like it. Can you draw Meowth?

A: Yes. I can draw Meowth --some weeks I could barely close my eyes without seeing Meowth.

BTW Meowth prefers Wonder Woman. I have a huge Wonder Woman toy and statue collection in my office.

Q: What did you and the other voice actors say/think/do when you found out Misty was leaving the show?

A: I was more upset for Rachael then for Misty.

Q: Do you ever find your voice slipping whenever you happen to say "That's Right!" in real life?

A: Yes --and it's very embarrassing when my friends point it out.

Q: PUSA here is saying that they changed the actors because you all were already signed up for another show it seems or couldn't fit Pokemon into your schedule.

Is PUSA lying? Or is there more to this story than we know?

A: I was never approached by PUSA to do the show; period.

Q: I heard the Lawrence Neves guy worked on the Trainer Choice last season, is that true?

A: You can see it for yourself in the credits :)

Q: What I mean is PUSA is saying that they decided to hire new voice actors because you all have conflicting contracts already. So did PUSA make that up? Were there conflicting contracts that wouldn't have given you enough time to do the show? Or did PUSA just make that up as an excuse.

A: I can't speak to the whole truth here. The most I can tell you was I was never given the opportunity to make any decision for myself, or even negotiate.

By the time I knew the full story. The die was cast.

Q: In the upcoming Pokemon 8 movie (may or may not answer), do you (4Kids staff and crews) were able to include your "last" audio commentary or that will be, in fact, permitted by PokemonUSA?

A: I don't see that happening at this point, but I also don't really know.
If they ask us to do it --I'll run, not walk into the booth --grab some popcorn and a comfy chair and comment away.

Barring that, when it comes out Ill be happy to participate in a Movie #8 thread with you guys.

Q: If you were offered a part in a Disney movie, would you take it?

A: My bags would be packed for California so fast your head would swim.

Q: Eric was saying that PUSA was greedy when it came to the money subject, so why not contact PUSA and say you'll work for dirt cheap money??

A: Because I have a 20 pound grey tabby cat named Samwise that's eating me outta house and home :)

Q: Do you ever go to a party for the voice actors, or even throw one?

A: We just had a big bash last week!

Q: What was your favorite episode?
Mine is episode 16 (Pokemon Shipwreck), which is kind of weird because that's the episode you started voice Acting Pokemon for.

A: Did I? Who did I play? I don't recall

Q: Wait- you wrote comic books? You mean you wrote the story and someone else did the art, or did you do all of that? Either way, could you tell me a little about your comic books?

A: I only ever drew one comic book. Power Pachyderms. I wrote lots and lots of comics.

Q: About how long does it take to release a Pokemon movie from the time when you finish dubbing it?

A: It varies.

Q: Do you ever feel awkward when you hear yourself on some of the shows that you voice for?

A: Nope. No but my parrot gets weirded out. When he hears my voice he tells the TV to "shut up"

Q: Did you like being in the Pokemon movies?

A: Very much so

Q: Did you have fun times with Eric Stuart,Veronica taylor, and Rachel lilils?

A: Very much so.

Q: Did you ever see any of the Pokemon movies and did you have fun being in the Pokemon movies?

A: Very much so

Q: Where do you guys film the voices? (My guess is New York maybe, since I know both you and Eric are from there and I know it's not the WB studios in LA cuz I went there and they said they don't do the voices there); also, what's a typical day like filming, or a typical episode filming?

A: New York City

Q: Will you tell all the actors hi and I said that I'm working the best I can to get there back where they rightfully belong and Pokemon will never be the same without any of you!

A: I will!

Q: Did you guys voice the characters at the same time or did you do it separately?

A: Separately

Q: Have you always wanted to be a voice actress, or at least do something in performing? Did you take part in any theatrical activities when you were still in school, maybe one that inspired you to take up this profession?

A: Ever since I was a little kid. Yes. And I was very involved in the Drama Club :)

Q: How did you get into the business in the first place, and was it difficult to either get or stay in? Would you advise other people to shoot for the stars and try to get in, and is there a ‘better’ way to go about doing so?

A: I cut a 3 minute demo tape with about 20 voices that I do, and sent it out to all the recording studios in NYC. Shoot for the Stars! Always!

Q: I'm sure you're aware of the fact that 4Kids has left a fair amount of footage from its licensed anime undubbed, like the Ice Cave and Legend of Dratini episodes of Pokémon, the old Orchid-hakase (Professor Oak) Pokémon-related lectures from Hoenn, not to mention the arcs from One Piece (Apis, Little Garden, etc.) and the undeniably large amount of spliced episodes from various anime. My questions are as follows: if you (that is, the cast and crew behind dubbing and such) were given the chance, do you think you'd like to go back and redub it all so that it's "correct?" Also, what bit (or bits) of footage would you, personally, like to see dubbed?

A: I'd love that chance

Q: What don’t you like about dubbing? Explain in detail if possible.

A: Working separately from the other actors.

Q: How long do dubbings take; a month, several a few minutes?.

A: Depends on how big of a part in the episode. Generally a couple of hours an episode; for Meowth give or take.

Q: Do you do any warm-ups for your voice before recording, and do you try to take care of your voice in certain ways (like not using it too much, only drinking certain liquids and so on)?

A: Tea with honey and lemon and I sing random songs in the voice of the character I'm about to do. Meowth's was "Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha.

Q: Is it hard to take on so many different characters without confusing their personalities? I mean, if you're going to be the voice of a character from a whole other show, is it hard to make sure the character doesn't seem to have roots from Meowth and be similar to the talking kitty?

A: Nope. I've when I did Kirby I even had to have conversations with myself quite often. I can switch voices in a split second.

Q: Do you do any warm-ups for your voice before recording, and do you try to take care of your voice in certain ways (like not using it too much, only drinking certain liquids and so on)?

A: Tea with honey and lemon and I sing random songs in the voice of the character I'm about to do. Meowth's was "Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha.

Q: Is it hard to take on so many different characters without confusing their personalities? I mean, if you're going to be the voice of a character from a whole other show, is it hard to make sure the character doesn't seem to have roots from Meowth and be similar to the talking kitty?

A: Nope. I've when I did Kirby I even had to have conversations with myself quite often. I can switch voices in a split second.

Q: I heard that you did a lot of the filler characters in season 1. I would never have guessed that you did either Lt. Surge or Bruno. How in earth you get your voice so low like that? That’s must of been lots of straining or something.

A: I'm a trained singer with a four octave range. The lower voices I can't do for sessions though. If I get a role like Surge for example --I'm good for an hour of recording before my voice starts to give out.

Q: Let’s say you guys won the role back for Season 9, (maybe or not) and Pokemon USA negotiated with you guys. They decided to do it with you and the others but with a less pay then when you worked for 4 Kids. Would you still take the role as Meowth if they paid less then what you’re earning now? I'm just curious. If you get a chance to answer, thank you.

A: I'd rather not hurt my chances at negations by answering that one –sorry :)

Q: Have you ever wanted to do live action acting??

A: Nope. I'm a voice actress --but I used to do theater when I was younger and more attractive.

Q: Since you're the senior digital artist at DC (I suppose that's one of the executive jobs i think) do you get access to all of DCs goodies like posters, merchandise the fans can't get which the bootleggers would sell their souls to rip off and sell and do you get to see all of DC's media like the DCAU, the live action stuff and the movies before the fans can

A: Nope. I'm just an artist not an executive. I get way too much free DC stuff. I have a huuuuuuge Wonderwoman toy and statue collection. Sorry to hear about your bird. They are truly a wonderful pet to have.

Q: How is the atmosphere in the set? Like, is everyone happy and enjoying voicing the characters? :)

A: Always a blast :)

Q: Did you enjoy singing in the Christmas Bash Album?

A: My friends all sing it at Christmas --and I had great fun doing it.

Q: What would be your least favorite role ever on Pokémon?

A: That I played? I loved all the characters I played.

Q: Now, I understand you're not just the voice of Meowth, but also the voice of Dr. Kureha (of One Piece), and Dr. K (Cubix), as well as Wally Tusket of Ultimate Muscle. Which of these, other than Meowth, would you consider is as good of a character you've enjoyed being the voice of?

A: I was all the Tuskets! Wally, Mrs. Tusket AND Dorothy! They were my great -- You didn't mention Chef Kawasaki on Kirby. Next to Meowth --Chef Kawasaki was far and away my fave.

Q: Do you have any plans on extending your talents to another company like FUNimation or Geneon? Especially with the vast anime that they have been producing lately. Where do you see yourself in the near future?

A: I already work for many different companies --so sure

Q: Would you stop being a VA? Or extend your work?

A: I will always be a VA artist. Even when I’m a little old lady --in fact --since I get little old lady parts it'll be easy.

Q: Before you worked on the show, or as Meowth, how much background information on Pokemon in general were you given?

A: Books of it. It was quite daunting to get thru it all.

Q: How much of Meowth's character was given to you by the dubbers and how much was your own interpretation?

A: The Meowth I do is all my own interpretation. I especially like to base my performance on what the animators do with his eyes. Meowth is very expressive.

Q: if Meowth ever evolved into a Persian, would you have voiced him?

A: U betcha

Q: In episode 5 Showdown In Pewter City Brocks Dad(Dub only) says that Brocks Mum had passed away. But she’s clearly there in episode 5 of Pokémon Chronicles A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together! Do you know 4Kids reasoning for adding this false statement?

A: Is it possible Brock's Dad remarried? I really don’t know the answer to that one. Sorry :)

Q: Before 4kids lost the contract, did you guys dub any of the Pikachu shorts that in Japan were on the ANA planes exclusively then on DVD such as Pikachu's Summer Festival & Pikachu's Ghost Carnival?

A: WE did some shorts that went with the movies --Do you mean those?

Q: These shorts were shown on the ANA flights the years of the 7th & 8th movies but they weren’t put together and we haven’t seen them on any DVDs in the US, was just wondering if ya had done those

A: I'm embarrassed to say I don't recall. I've seen regular episodes air on TV that I can hear that I did --and not recall doing them.

Q: The four episodes I am referring to are (in order when they aired in Japan) the Lady Like and Sir Ebrum ring episode, the dentist episode, and the two episodes between "D-Preciation Day" and "Fright to the Finish." The reason I heard that the dentist episode did not air here was that it made dentist look evil, but there are a lot of children book's that deals with the "evil dentist" stereotype, unless Al Kahn did not know that fact. So do you know why it didn't air? Along with the other episodes? And why it was not on "Fright to the Finish" even thought it was promised by Michael Haigney himself?

Why did 4kids combined the last five episodes into "Fright to the Finish"? Even thought those episodes are the finally of Kirby, 4kids did air the first two episodes of that in the middle of the season to promote "Kirby Air Ride." So why?

A: I really don't know why --and I wish they would air those --particularly because I play the Dentist Chair.

Q: How many enemies have I made at 4Kids with my website (assuming, of course, they've heard of it)? Do they all hate me over there or what?

A: Dunno. But I'd like you better if you had me listed as Maddie instead of Addie.

Q: The infamous Porygon episode is banned period. Not only is that episode not allowed to be shown in Japan anymore, it isn't allowed to be shown anywhere. Unless Miss Blaustein says differently, it is highly unlikely that TV Tokyo gave 4Kids this episode.

A: I don't think they will ever show it ---but we did dub it. And it didn't give any of US seizures :)

Q: For the Team Rocket blasting off scenes, do you and Rachel Lillis and Eric Stuart need to be brought in together in the studio at the same time for the dubbing? And for that matter - considering all the times Team Rocket yells or says something together - do you have to do those parts with Ms. Lillis and Mr. Stuart?

A: We record them separately

Q: I understand you voice Solomon Moto, Yugi's grandpa. Well, when I watched the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn of the Duel, and I got to see young Solomon traveling to the Valley of the Kings and to the Pharaoh's tomb, I was happy to finally see that episode. But Solomon's voice was changed. Well, I was quite disappointed. I know he was younger, but don't you think you could have done his voice? All you'd have to do is make it a little less shaky and a little more firm and deep, or something like that. I simply prefer characters to keep the same VA no matter what age in most situations, and this is one of them. Can you tell me anything about this?

A: I wanted to do young Solomon. The Producer didn't like the idea for some reason; I'd have done him in a similar voice to the one I used for Bruno from Pokemon.

Q: I read on Wikipedia that 4kids actually dubbed the seizure inducing episode Electric Soldier Porygon, did you or anyone else at 4kids actually watch the episode, or at least the part where the flashing lights happened in the episode?

A: We did --I saw it --didn't have a seizure :)

Q: Back when you were studying art in school, did you spend time drawing cartoons? And if so, did you ever encounter any teachers who were intent to believe that cartoons weren't a form of art?

A: I did huge abstract expressionist paintings along the lines of artists like DeKooning and Franz Kline.

Q: Is it hard syncing with the voice flap?

A: Not for me, I have a knack for it.

Q: What was the first VA job you did? that hit the screens

A: I did a lot of sound-alike work dubbing replacement dialogue for movies to get rid of cursing so it could air on television.

Q: How do you go around becoming a Voice Actor?

A: I made a demo tape and just kept sending it out to recording studios until I started to get some work.

Q: WHO does the English dubbing for Pokemon? Do the English directors sit around a big table, watching a muted episode, then figure out what they just said compared to the translation/ syllables (sp?)/random guesses?

A: Kathy Borland does most of that herself --she's an excellent writer and knows how to write perfectly for the right lip flap. She's also hysterically funny.
I don't think Pokemon will be as well written in English without her.

Q: Since you work alone from the other actors, have you ever discussed Pokemon in public, and have fans rush up for autographs?

A: Little kids have a knack for hearing my natural voice and knowing I play Meowth. Happens quite frequently when I'm around kids.

Q: Have you ever met an actor/actress who wasn't nice/fun to work with, who was maybe a bit stuck up or arrogant, abused their 'powers' or you just generally didn't like? (Can be anyone you've ever worked with.)

A: Yes --but I won't name names

Q: Suppose someone decided to make a live action Pokemon movie and they would like you to reprise your Meowth voice for the film. Would that be possible to do? If so, would you be interested in doing that?

A: Only if Meowth is CGI like Gollum in Lord Of The Rings and I get to do what Andy Serkis (The actor who played Gollum) did.

Q: I'm probably looking way too far into this, but in the episode Xatu the Future Meowth angrily said that he "spoke pokemon, not flag", but in That's Just Swellow, he was clearly using semaphore (or what was supposed to be semaphore). Was there any explanation, or was it just an oversight by the writers?

A: Maybe he felt stupid not knowing "flag" and learned it later --you know Meowth --he hates to feel stupid and he never gives up.

Q: Have you ever been in a fight with one of the other voice actors?

A: Never. I'm a lover not a fighter.

Q: Do you watch the episode a couple of times with no sound before you attempt to match the voice flap? Or just go in the studio and keep trying untill you get it right?

A: Nope. I go in cold :)

Q: How can you live with yourself when you work for a company who exists as the Devil Incarnate?

A: I don't work for TAJ.

Q: You should be well aware of the high amounts of negative criticism 4kids receives. And since you don't seem like the type who's only in this for the money, like ole Khan seems to be, we can only wonder how you can stand working in a place that continually screws anime fandom over.

A: I'm just trying to picture a CEO of a major company that isn't in it for the money. Nope --can't do it.

Q: Have you ever tried to do the voices of any other characters from pokemon, like May or Max, not counting the one where you dressed up as him, like in your spare time? And if yes were you good at them?

A: I do an okay James in a pinch, but can't compare to Eric. Likewise Oak --but no way as good as the real Oak.

Q: I don't mean to like bring up bad memories of any kind, but have people ever treated in a bad way or differently since you are transgendered?

A: Sadly it does happen. Yes. But it also happens that some people treat me with more respect for living my life on my own terms. :)

Q: Besides Meowth and Bill, what other characters or pokemon have/do you play?

A: Sabrina's Dad, Damien, Bruno, Seymour the Scientist, AJ --oh my way too many to list!

Q: Who did Meowth before you?

A: Matt Sussman

Q: Besides you, Dan, Wayne, Amy, and Frank, who else is working on Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters and who do they voice?

A: Pretty much the whole crew :)

Q: When the studio receives the original product, does it have all the original music intact and just gets filtered out based on what 4Kids wants to use instead for music, or do they receive it with only selected music intact and the crew just fills in music where there is none, or is it a combination of both?

Is it more cost effective for the studio to use their own music rather than import it from Japan along with the Anime?

A: I don't know --I just do funny voices :)

Q: It must be great just doing voices. I mean, one day you are a skinny hyperactive scientist, the next day you're a big muscular dude- and you don't even have to worry about your hair those days.

A: It's my passion.

Q: What was your reaction when you (if you are in the Sonic games) were hired to voice in the games?

A: Like any actor --happy to get a paying gig.

Q: Don't mind me asking this next one, but is there any way to get the previous actors to voice the characters in the Sonic games again? This change has not only infuriated the fans worldwide (or at least here in North America), but hundreds or even thousands of fans are boycotting the games because of the change!

A: I have no clue what issues were at hand in Sega changing the actors, so I have no clue why this occurred.

Q: what would happen if you and the other voice actors refused to voice the characters in the games, maybe Sega or 4kids (which ever made the change), will rehire the previous actors!

A: More likely they would think I'm strange, and then hire new actors anyways.

Q: Like I said, it's not you guys I disrespect, it's Sega and the 4kids company I disrespect! I hope you take my suggestion as not an insult, but rather a way to help those actors who lost their jobs! :(

A: Voice actors are treated like red-headed step children in general. If you want to help us --continue writing companies about how important the actors on the games and shows are to you.

Thanks to organizations like SOVA, the word is finally starting to reach them. In the end it helps ALL actors to have fans write letters; in good times and bad times.

Q: Besides, you guys are already voicing in Sonic X (although it may be cancelled as it's not in the fall lineup on 4kidsTV, and there's no news of a fourth season/series!).

A: I've never been on the TV show. So --I dunno.

Q: I have been trying to find out who it was forever! Alright, you've officially made my day! Now, I believe he was also the S.S. Anne captain, and he might have been Prof. Westwood, but do you know of any other work in other shows he's done?

A: Quite right about the Captain and Westwood. I don't know the answer for the rest of your question.

Q: What show are you planning to do next?

A: I'll be playing Satorius (Saiou) on Yugi GX

Q: Will you be a voice in the new show pretty cure? 4kids just acquired that.

A: Heh --you guys find out stuff quicker than I do.

Q: Do you have any favorite duels you've voiced a person in or read about or anything?

A: I very much enjoyed the few times I dueled as Grandpa versus Joey.

Q: What does he do exactly as Vice President? Is he responsible for the edits in the dubs of the Anime shows?

A: A very different Tom Kenny. He's not Spongebob. :), and I believe he's a financial guy.

Q: What's his VP middle name?

A: The VP's name is Tom Kenney --with an e

Q: You say that woman who writes the script that the characters say from the Japanese version. Does she also translate everything to? I'm just curious because there are many cases in which Machamp is called a Machoke, and it's the same for a bunch of other pokemon. Even in the First movie, Scyther was called an Alakazam.

A: The translations from the Japanese were sent to 4Kids by the Japanese, I believe.

Many times it's accidental. The whole Legend of Thunder controversy happened over a mistranslation that "Hun" was a she.

Q: Anytime somebody have recognized your character's voice when you speak at public?
If that's the case, Do you get called by your character's name?

A: Yes. I sound quite a bit like Meowth in my normal voice.

Q: I live near New York and I'm looking to get into voice acting, do you think maybe if you PMed me we could set something up?

A: You can always PM me, Justin --but I haven't taught voiceovers since '93. It's not something I'm doing anymore.

Q: I've seen your name in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX credits a couple times in the first season. Did you play anybody?

A: I played some no name freshman kid with a southern accent. He was blonde and had glasses, and other "filler" voices.

Q: How did you like your role of Dr. Clash from F-Zero GP Legend? I kind of like Dr. Clash myself.

A: I do too --but I didn't play Dr. Clash.

I think the confusion may be from my playing Dr. K in Cubix and Dr. Kureha in One Piece.

Q: Miss Blaustein, you are probably still mad at losing your Meowth role to some other voice actor, but if you were to give advice to the new voice actor in regards to Meowth's voice, what would it be?

A: The key to being Meowth is to always remember that no matter how rough he's trying to sound he just wants to be loved.

Q: Did you get to see the Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon? And if you did could you share your opinion on it?

A: I saw it. It didn't impress me much. I hope they shape up for season #9.

Q: How do you feel when Team Rocket switches to the other side in the movies? (Like when they helped to save the world in Power of One, or when the save Ash in Spell of the Unown)

A: Team Rocket are always the good guys. The twoips are the bad guys.

Q: Maddie, is there some kind of inside joke with the VAs that we don't know about?

A: Wow. I know nothing about that. Seems like Mr. Stuart must have gotten into the cooking sherry again.

Though --if you listen closely to the last episode that 4Kids did --Meowth said he was "Blaustein Off". I admit it.

Q: How did it feel to record for the movie? Did you get to see it in the movies and was there any special recording for it...or just normal stuff?

A: It was very special to me. I did see them in theaters. The first time was the most special of all.

Q: Was Meowth Your Favorite Character you have ever Voiced? I'm just wondering?And Meowth Ruled when you voiced him!

A: Meowth will always be my favorite :)

Q: What’s the funniest line you ever had to do that’s all I want to know.

A: C'mon my widdle eggie-weggie. We gotta lotta incubatin' to do.

Q: Would you be able to since you offically are "the" voice for Meowth...or will PUSA just use that Meowth for all offical projects?

A: My guess is PUSA would use the "new" Meowth.

Q: How did you become Meowth? Did the old actor get sick or did you fill in one day and they liked you better? Because honestly the transition was so, smooth you couldn't tell the difference.

A: The actor before me left the show to be an on-camera actor, I'd been doing filler voices before that, and was known by the director to have a good range.

At first they wanted me to do an imitation of the previous actor (a sound-alike). I told them I wasn't interested in doing that so I asked them to let me try it my way. They liked what I did and the rest was history.

Q: Did you ever meet the new voices for dubbed versions... if not on has pics of the new Ash and Brock.

A: I've known Jimmy Zoppi and Kayzie Rogers for years.

Q: Kaiyze Rodgers...sounds familar, weren't they with 4Kids at one point?

A: Kayzie did many voices on Pokemon including Mr. Mime and Wobuffet.
She also played Tuff on Kirby. Jimmy was Gay Oak among others.

Q: So I guess they were fillers and soon got promoted while the original actors/actresses got well face it..."retired"?

A: I'd go with "mercilessly canned" --but yah.

Q: Did you voice Meoth in Pokémon Snap? I know you did in Puzzle League. What about the Meowth in boots?

A: Yes on all three.

Q: well Ms. Blaustein you'll always be our Mischeivous Meowth at SPPF. You are truly the Legend of Meowth.

A: I look at this way. I'm like the first Darren on Bewitched.

Q: Is doing voice work for videogames any different than doing voice work for TV?

A: We don't work to video and we repeat a lot of the same lines over and over :)

Q: Since you don't know who voices Tyranno in GX, I'm guessing you don't know who does Aster either?

A: Nope. Haven't done any scenes where I've heard Aster's voice yet either.

Q: What was your opinion on the new Meowth?

A: It was a'ight.

Q: I liked your Torkoal voice. I feel I can emulate the voice mostly well. I was wondering what inspired you to voice Torkoal with a deep voice? The crying segments were very funny, imo.

A: I thought the contrast between his crying and having a deep voice was amusing.

Q: Have you ever wanted to be a script writer/editor for a Pokemon episode?

A: I actually wrote one episode!

"The Passionate Pidgey"

Q: I noticed in one part of the Lucario movie when Meowth is grunting it sounds a lot like "sonof-". Coincidence or TR dodginess?

A: Guilty as charged.

Q: You ever been turned down for any VA jobs because of your decision you made a while ago? (

A: I've probably missed out on auditions I was right for --But no way I'd really be able to know.

Q: In the last episode of dub!GX, we heard the voice of the good side of Sartorius for the first time. Was it hard to do that voice after so many episodes of just doing the evil creepy Sartorius voice?

A: yup. Very.

Q: How does it feel being portrayed as "the bad guy" even if Team Rocket ISN'T doing something bad, like the time Jessie caught that Smoochum and Ash and co. said it was stealing?

A: The twoips were da bad guys.

Team Rocket was da good guys!

Q: What was the last thing that the best voice actors recorded and what happened when it was over.

A: My last line recorded as Meowth was in "Pasta La Vista"

I slipped in "We're Blaustein off agaiiiiiiiiiiiin."

Q: Do you remember the first line you recorded as Meowth?

A: think my first line was something like

'Dere it is-- Da Ninja mansion!'

Q: What do you think Meowth would look like if he were human

A: Meowth would look just like me. (At least for the first 8 seasons)

Q: Since you did Meowth and Meowth in Boots, did you do Meowth's clone in the first movie and the sequel?

A: I'm pretty sure the only Meowth I didn't do was Meowzy. I did the one in the sequel for sure --I did the one in the first too --but I don't think they used it.

Q: Have you enjoyed working on GX? That's the only show that I know that you're working on and I was just wondering about that. I'm looking foreword to seeing how that season turns out.

A: I'm enjoying GX very much. Sartorious is somewhat of a departure for me as a role. As I'm sure you are aware, I generally play comedic roles (tho' mostly comedic villains).

Q: Do you like voicing Sartorious?

A: Very much :)

Q: So since Saiou's voice is different from what you normally do, what does it sound like?

A: The consensus so far is that I sound like a young Hannibal Lecktor.

Q: Why did 4kids change the Tarot card "Death" to "reaper of Souls"? Will the dub be changing the names to the Tarot cards?

A: FCC Standards and Practices for Network broadcasts for children. Not really a 4Kids decision --though Reaper of Souls sounds cool to me --I like saying it :)

Q: But I thought Cartoon Network wasn't under the FCC's Jurisdiction? Or did 4Kids do this in case it ever ended up on 4kids TV which is under the FCC?

A: I'm fairly sure they will be airing on 4Kids TV starting around October. I might be wrong on that.

Q: That the same reason that death could not be mentioned on Pokemon? I know a lot of people believed that 4Kids was trying to protect children, but I always believed that it was the FCC making those decisions.

A: Honestly? I really don't know the answer --I'm just an actress :)

Q: When you are doing voices, do you ever have trouble trying to maintain separate voices or does it just come naturally to you to have different voices?

A: I'm a big freak that way.

On Kirby, for example, I did like 8 characters and would just switch voices as needed. No trouble for me --but don't try it at home ::::grin::::

Q: Have you ever been in any live action films?

A: Nope.

Q: Will you voice any other characters on Yu-Gi-Oh GX this season besides Sartorious?

A: I play a character who is written into the script as "Blue A" (no name kid)

Skinny fella with black/blue hair and glasses --he speaks in a southern accent.

Q: Have you ever thought that Meowth's voice somewhat resembles Peter Griffin's from Family Guy?

A: No. Peter Griffin has a Boston Accent.

Meowth sounds like a cross between Bugs Bunny and Edith Bunker.

Q: Say Maddie, were you tuned in when the last 4Kids ep., 'Pasta la Vista', was broadcast? And will you tune in for the TAJ eps. for season 9 onwards? Based on the re-dub of Mastermind first heard at Comic Con, I think things will only get better for the future.
You've created a character(Meowth) that everyone in the world knows and loves. Good luck in the future.

A: I always watch Pokemon! So yes. I will not be watching Season 9, but mostly because I don't have Cable TV. I wish the new cast the best --but I will never consider what they are doing to be the same show.

Q: When you first signed up to voice Meowth, did you really believe that you would be doing the voice ten years later

A: I had no idea!

Q: is there any way of 4Kids stopping the Voice Actor change. Because I have just tuned in to the new series today (Watched Stairway To Devon) and despite the episode being dull and some of the characters (Ie May "I like SOOO love shopping." and Max) being Bland but Meowth was still his same old self and I thought you did brilliantly.

A: 4Kids now has nothing to do with Pokemon. Any decisions towards changing anything about Pokemon would be in the hands of Pokemon USA.

Q: Who was Wobbuffet's 4Kids VA?

A: Kazie Rogers (I believe she now goes by the name Jamie Peacock)

Q: Is the US dub just shipped to the UK? If so then it's double the honor to speak to you.

A: Any folks from across the pond wanna field that one? I honestly don't know.

Q: How did it feel to voice such a great character/pokémon?

A: Portraying Meowth for the last 8 years has been one of my life's highpoints. I will always be very proud of being attached to Pokemon.

Q: Can you do a female voice well? We've seen most of your characters as a male, but a professionaly groomed voice artist as yourself I just wanted to know if your range was limited to just males?

A: I've done mostly male voices true --but I've done my share of female voices, Mostly wacky old ladys. (But then again --I AM a wacky old lady)

Dr. Kureha from One Piece. Dorthy & Mrs. Tusket on Ultimate Muscle, Mother Earth in Jungle Emporer Leo, Oracle on Wulin Warriors, Margarete Zelle on Shadow hearts etc etc and so on.

One of the issues is that I do have a fairly distinct voice for a woman that really only works for women 50 and up. Not too many old ladies in the anime business.

Q: Does 4kids come up with all your lines, or do you improvise with some of them?

A: 4Kids --mostly script writer extraordinaire Kathy Borland and in the early seasons Michael Haigney --come up with the lines. I've never felt the need to change even a bit of dialogue. There have been other writers of course --but those two stand out as the best for me.

Q: Will you have any voice acting in the diamond and pearl English dub

A: Only if I get asked to audition I imagine.

Q: Why weren't the Roketto Dan CD dramas ever dubbed? I can understand not wanting to have to translate/rewrite the lyrics on the audio CDs, but how come these were passed over? A lot of fans don't even know they exist, I myself have never even heard them or read the scripts.

A: Don't know. I wanted to do The Meowth's Party album :)

Q: Gah, forgive for involving shipping, but in the Johto league episodes (Master Quest especially), Jessie and James were always referring to each other with things like 'dear' or 'dearest', and I was just wondering if that was in the original or was it dub added.

A: Dunno.

Q: Did you and the other VA's have a "going away party" per say when you learned you were getting the boot?(sorry for the crude reference)

A: We had a marvelous Party --and Eric, Rachel Veronica and myself remain very good friends. We all get together now and then still --probably always will :)

Q: I think the new Meowth voice actor is really trying their best. Meowth 2.0 sounds like your Meowth if he had a kid, at least to me.

A: I'm sure the new Meowth is fine. I look at him as a whole new character. If you knew me personally, you would know how much alike Meowth and I are.

Q: What were your most memorable lines to record in all of the seasons of the Pokemon anime?

A: Any of the lines that reflected Meowth's "softer side"

Q: Did you try out for the part of Meowth specifically or did someone hear you and say "Hey! That's how I want Meowth to sound”?

A: I auditioned for James and wound up being the main "filler voice" for the first 28 episodes --when the first Meowth quit I was asked to take the role.
They originally wanted me to do a sound-alike --but I wasn't interested in doing that --so they let me voice Meowth my way.

Q: When Matt Sussman left the show, were you the first VA to be approached to replace Meowth or were there others?

A: I was the first choice after Matt left the show. 4Kids loved what I did with the voice --but they had to get it approved by Nintendo. The Japanese animators loved it --the rest was history.

Q: Who is your favorite VA in GX? (Besides you):P

A: Chazz Princeton.

Q: Do you voice any other pokemon besides Meowth?

A: Not anymore!

But my other Pokemon voices included:
Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Drowzy, Farfetched, Growlithe, Electobuzz, Camerupt, Torkoal, Corphish, Magnemite, Sealio, Magicarp
probably tons more I'm forgetting at the moment.

My fave was Corphish. (He's modeled after my parrot "Jake")

Q: Would any of those be any from the Lotad family? I love the Lotad family.

A: Nope --I was definitely Electobuzz -- perhaps they later started using Japanese "lifts" --but I know I did it that one several times.

I wasn't any of the Lotad family of voices (Though many people think I was)

There are people who didn't like my Corphish voice? :::gasp:::
They would if they heard "Jake" say "Corphish Corphish Corphish"

Q: What animes would you have liked to voice and why?

A: Anything of Hayao Miyazaki's

Q: How did you feel when you were selected to play the voice of Meowth?

A: I was on cloud nine!

Q: Are you aware of the fact that the company you work for, 4kids entertainment is a anime abusing company that makes anime look bad? and that most fans if it weren't for the new voices thing are probably very happy about the sort to say "new dub" thing?

A: What I am aware of is that an incredibly small minority of anime fans believe as you do, and spend a lot of time posting that belief on internet forums.

While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I would have to say that the vast majority of fans that have enjoyed Pokemon and other 4Kids produced anime over the years would most likely disagree with you.

I am quite proud of the work I've done with 4Kids, as well as the many other anime dubbing companies I've had the pleasure to work for.

Q: Do you know any others who voiced at 4Kids (Pokemon) that would send their autograph, too? (I'd send a SASE of course)

A: I would just send it and ask for autographs in general --and see who ya get!

Q: My brother is a humongous Butch fan and imitates his voice all the time, so I was just wondering who gave him that gravelly voice in the first place. Do you know?

A: Eric Stuart did Butch's voice :)

Q: Do you think Mr.Stuart enjoyed doing so many voices?

A: I KNOW he did :)

Q: Maddie, on Wikipedia it says that Jerry Lobozzo and Stan Hart are the same person. I know that Stan Hart and Stuart Zagnit are one in the same, but does he also go by a third pseudonym?

On every web site I visit, it says that Matthew Mitler plays the voice of Butch. Thanks for letting us know it was Eric! Do you happen to know what voices Matt Mitler did do for the show?

A: It gets confusing' don't it?

I'm not great with all the pseudonyms, but Jerry LoBozzo is not Stuart Zagnit. He's a whole different person --he did a lot of work on Cubix and Kirby. I've known Jerry for many years. He’s a great guy (Don't think he dubs anymore tho')

Matthew Mitler as far as I know is a pseudonym of Jimmy Zoppi's (I could be wrong on that one though). IF Matt Mitler did Gary --he's definately Zoppi as Gary has only had the one actor.

I honestly don't know who was using the name Matt Mitler. (Might have been the very first Meowth's stage name)

Ya have to remember --I know all these folks by their real names, and I tend to get all the stage names mixed up myself.

Q: I'm wondering if Gary will get to keep his original VA now... it was nice of you to shed some light on that because with the pseudonyms flying around, I got confused before.

A: Obviously --that would mean BTW that Jimmy Zoppi will play Oak, James, Meowth AND Gary.

Q: By the way, do you happen to know who played the voice of Totodile?

A: I have no clue who does Totodile. sowwy.

Q: I've been curious as to what you think of the new parrot Pokemon, Perrap. I know you love parrots, and I could very easily imagine you voicing Perrap in the English version if this whole cast-replacement mess hadn't happened.

A: Everyone at 4Kids knows my love of parrots --I have no doubt I would have gotten to be Perrap --He looks just like my Jake!

Q: Did you ever feel silly voicing Meowth at times?

A: Nope.

Q: If you could voice Meowth again or stay with 4kids, which would you do.

A: I'd only voice Meowth again if the original cast and writing and directing team remained intact.

Q: If you catched the recent battle frontier episode where May and Meowth time travel, here is a question I have!
Are you proud that the new VA has stayed with Meowth’s touching side? Or do you think they still have a few kinks to work out before they get it right?

A: I haven't seen the Time Travel episode so I can't comment.

Q: What's your favorite Corphish-centered episode?

A: The first one

Q: Did you ever want AJ to return for another episode? I know a lot of Pokemon fans really want him to return (myself included).

A: AJ was a very fun character to do! I have a plastic Sandshrew that I use as a 'rubber duckie' in the bath.

Q: How do you feel that Jimmy Zoppi, replaced you, seeing as you actually knew him?

A: no comment

Q: Very well, but either way point is that Meowth is a Japanese character more than he is Brooklyn or from new jersey (that’s at least what it sounds more like to me)

A: You are confusing Meowth with Nyasu I think.

Q: How are they any different? They look the same, they do the same thing, they hang out with the same losers er... i mean team rocket members, the only real differences are the voices and the name

A: They have different actors.

Roger Moore's 007 is not the same character as Sean Connery's 007 either.

Q: Not quite. Different things entirely, Meowth IS Nyassu. Meowth does the same episodes as nyassu and if nyassu ever leaves Pocket Monsters, Meowth would too. As I said, Meowth's fate lies in Nyassu's hands.

They are different in some ways like nyassu speaks Japanese. Which is a big difference but they each have same qualities.

A: Our definitions of the word "character" differ.

Q: What piece of music is your favorite from the series; there's gotta be a jingle you liked the most.

Lyrical or background, can you give us some insight into what exactly you liked?

A: The orchestral piece in the Kanto series when Ash is fighting off the Spearow in order to protect Pikachu makes me weep like a baby.

Q: Would you have loved to have done more of the Meowth songs? The only ones I believed were dubbed are Nyasu's/Meowth's Party and Polka O Dolka/Gotta Dance. Oh, and a couple lines from Team Rocket Forever. Nyasu's/Meowth's Song and Hey Pikachu are two of my favorite Pokémon songs of all time...

A: I wished I could have done ALL of Meowth's songs. I loved singing as Meowth.

Q: I have been wondering why hasn't Porygon2 been in an episode. I would really appreciate it if you'd answer this please. It's ok if you don't know. Oh sorry that has nothing to do with you or Meowth.

A: I just don't know the answer to that one. Sorry.

Q: If supposedly you were to meet face to face with the new Meowth (Billy Beach I think his name is) what would you do/say? In other words would you congratulate him as the new Meowth? or would you try to give him some advice on how to voice Meowth? or would you just try to choke him to death insisting that you’re the top cat, and wants her job back? or something else?

A: A better question would be why Jimmy Zoppi (who I've known for many years) didn't immediately call me and apologize after taking a job I've had for the last 8 years.

Q: I'm a little confused here: why would he apologize?

A: Because it would have been the right thing to do?

Q: I agree with you on that, but on the other hand I don't entirely blame him for not calling, i mean he's probably scared to say anything to you seeing as how he took your job away! I know I would be scared if I was in his shoes (er claws)! Cause he probably is afraid that you would start screaming at him or hate him for taking your job! But i do agree it would be nice to apologies!

A: Actually I'd have said "Thanks for calling --it was real nice of you" and then ask him if he wanted any of my input into the character of Meowth.

Q: What would you do if you were in Jimmy Zoppi's shoes? Would you decline the offer? Or would you be so eager to voice Meowth that you forgot about the actor before?

A: I'd have declined the role.

Q: I have heard that the Japanese Meowth is very wise sounding at times, so what do you think was the most "philosophical" thing that Meowth has ever said

A: His speech about remembering to Mewtwo

Q: Don't get angry at him for taking your place. It was not his decision. It was PUSA's.

A: I'm not angry that he took the part. Somebody was going to take it regardless. I'm disappointed that someone I considered a friend couldn't be bothered to offer his condolences.

Q: Someone said that if you had the chance to be Meowth again, you would want all the original cast/crew on Pokemon. Would that mean even the people who did the small parts like Jason Griffith (who I’m not so fond of with Sonic and Usopp) and Dan Green? And the writers/music people? Because that would be a bit too much to ask for.

A: As Meowth himself would have no doubt said --I dance wit dem what brung me.

Q: Are you as upset as I am that Meowth was never in who’s That Pokemon/Trainers Choice?

A: WE was robbed.

Q: Being in the VA business yourself, I have to ask, do the VA's make the voices to how they think the character should sound, do they watch the Japanese version to see how they originally sounded, or are they told how to sound? Or is it a combination of the three?

A: I can only answer that for myself. It's a combination of the three.

Q: Did you notice that the guy who did the voice of 'King of the Mirage Kingdom' was the same guy who voiced Yugi's Grandpa? Obvious I know.

A: Ummmm. Not really.

I do the voice of Yugi's Grandpa.

edit : oooooops my bad! I was also "King of the Mirage Kingdom:
(heh --I forgot about that role)

Q: And who was your very first role on Pokemon? (I know you were a few early characters such as AJ, Damien and Bill from 4Ever's commentary. But I don't quite know who your first role was.)

A: Seymour The Scientist

Q: During Johto, there was an episode ("Enlighten up!") where the character introduced had the dub name Maddeline. Was she named after you? Because that would have been pretty flattering, I'd think.

A: Most likely

Q: Not sure if you'd know the answer to this, but here goes anyway: How does 4Kids decide the names to give some of their anime-only characters? For characters like the gym leaders, Elite Four, and Battle Frontier, they just use the names from the North America releases of the games (most of the time), but what about other characters? Some of the names seem fairly generic or random, while others sometimes have a connection to the Pokemon they use (example "Tad" who owned a Polywrath, "Mary" who owned a Mareed) and once in a while we get a character who's name is either the same name from the Japanese version (such as Chigusa, Sakura or Harley) or a really close Western name (such as Kiyade being called Katie in the dub, Shu becoming Drew). In addition, once in a while we get a fairly minor character named after someone at 4Kids (ex. the trainor who beat Harrison in Johto was named Jon Dickson, and I caught that name in the credits of a 4Kids show a little ago, and the reporter in Pettleberg city was named Dee Dunstan, which I assumed was a reference to Darren Dunstan). So how do they decide what to call the characters in the dub, or whether to change their name at all?

A: Pretty much a combo of all the reasons you mentioned.

Q: In Japan, the show is now covering the region from the Diamond and Pearl games, with Ash and Brock travelling with a new character whose Japanese name is Hikari. If 4Kids had continued to dub the show to this point, what do you think Hikari's name would have been (or failing that, what do you think WOULD be a good name for her) and who do you think would voice her? (This might be a bad question, considering *I* don't know much about this character either.)

A: My guess is they would have gone with Carrie.

Q: But, wouldn't Hikari be named by NOA since she is a game character, or did 4kids have any say in naming game characters (such as gym leaders and such)?

A: That's it --thanks --been bugging me.

Q: Do you know who played all the filler characters with that accent (most of them were from Kanto) like Rebbeca's father with the Hitmonchan and the man who ran the ultimate test?

A: I did most of the filler voices in Kanto.

Q: Why does 4Kids remove Winged Kuriboh's "Kuri-kuri"'s from GX and replace them with hums for the dubbed version? It's not like it's the text on signs that they remove in almost every taking-place-in-a-city scene. Plus, I remember they kept them back in DM when Yami-Yugi played the five Kuriboh brothers. It's up to you if you want to answer this, Ms.Blaustein. ^_^

A: I don't know

Q: Did you do the voices for the Christmas Special Episodes on the DVD, because your AG voice and the voice on the Christmas special sound completely different, at least on the Winter Games episode (kangaskhan one).

A: Don't know what's on that DVD, but it's likely that the Meowth in the kangaskhan epi is the voice of the first Meowth from episodes 1-28.

Q: Further to the above question, when Pokemon gained popularity on a huge scale around 2000, by the time it had settled to a smaller fanbase (but still big compared to other anime) it was being ridiculed and made to seem pathetic. Do you wish that it hadn't become so popular back then, and had a smaller fanbase from the beginning, so that maybe its reputation would be better now?

A: That's usually the way things work.

Q: Do you think the old Meowth (Matt Sussman or however his name is spelled) would have decided to do Meowth for season 9 if he was asked to do the role? (You’re still my favorite Meowth, Maddie) I'm only asking this, because his Meowth probably would've sounded like yours (except more masculine) if he did the role for all 8 years.

A: Matt is the only other person, other than me, who I'd have been quite happy to see doing Meowth.

Q: in your 8 years of Meowth did you get tired of saying we are blasting off again/ do you want that 1 lucky break

A: Nope.

Q: In the song "Nobody Don't Like Christmas", Meowth declares that he doesn't like Christmas. He then gives out a small "heh" after the line "Who wants to go through all that Yom Kippurin'?" Which got me thinking: Are you Jewish? Or am I just reading too much into things?

A: Yes. I am Jewish. I put the "heh" in after the line "Yom Kippurin'" because I thought the pun was incredibly lame.

Q: In "Go West Young Meowth", I noticed that Meowth says the line "This place sure ain't what it used to be" with a slight lisp. Was this an intentional attempt to pay tribute to Humphrey Bogart, or am I again reading too much into things?

A: You got it. That was my impression of Meowth doing an impression of Bogart. Good ears!

Q: How did our "Loveable[sic] Corphish" feel inside when he had to cry in the 8th movie? What inspired you to do Corphish's voice anyway? It was so well played!

A: Corphish's voice was based on my parrot. Jake :) I adore Jake, and wanted his voice on the show :) I taught him to say "Corphish" later on --and he provides me with endless giggles when he does it.

Q: Back in the early days of Pokemon, TAJ staff and 4Kids staff both appear in the credits. At which studio did you record your lines for the first 208(TAJ's site reads 208 episodes) of the show and the first 5 movies?

A: The first season we recorded at a place called Button Sounds. then We recorded at TAJ studios under 4Kids supervision. The movies were done at various studios in Manhattan until 4Kids finally finished buiding their in-house ecording facilities.

Q: Whilst recording where there any memorable outtakes where you accidentally said a line wrong?

A: Yes. But I don't remember them :D

Q: What process did 4Kids use to decide which actor should play each pokemon, or did the dubbers (or the voice actor(s)) already know when an actor wanted to play that pokemon?

A: You'd have to ask Darren Dunstan that one.

Q: Ted Lewis, is he working for 4Kids still or PUSA?

A: 4Kids last I heard.

Q: Did you ever feel that sometimes the music used in a particular scene in any episode(s) "bumped" your performance?

A: The right music can absolutely bump the performance. The musical cue for Sartorious in Yugi GX is fantastic and definitely helps.

Q: Do you think Pokemon would've been a better cartoon with more of the original music, or do you think the show would've suffered as a result?

A: I think the Japanese music often fit the more emotional scenes better.
I don't know if it would have made it a better show --but as a personal aesthetic, I enjoy it.


Q: What are your feelings regarding Team Rocket's purpose on the show? Do you think they work as comic relief characters, or do you feel that, as the main villains they need to have more sinister moments/successes?

A: Team Rocket are the good guys. The Twerps are the villains. Duh.

Q: Apart from Meowth, do you have any other favorite characters in Pokemon?

A: James, Jessie and Corphish

Q: What is your favorite Meowth catch phrase?

A: Daaaaaaaat's right --I love saying that --so does my parrot.

Q: If you do play the games, do you use Meowth as one of your Pokemon?

I don't play the games --I'm terrible at video games. My nephew always uses a Meowth when playing though.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Meowth and his personality?

His sweetness and sensitivity.

Q: And, finally, I have one more question for you, which was your favorite Meowth Boss Fantasy that you've done so far? You know, the scenes where he starts off by saying something like, "Imagine da boss wakin' up one mornin' "? Those are so funny! I love those hilarious scenes! XD

A: I get a kick out of all the Boss Fantasys --I can't stop laughing when I have to imitate the boss as Meowt. Never gets old.

Q: Do you support Meowth and Skitty as a shipping?

A: I'm a strong supporter of Meowth/Skitty shipping

Q: Do you think TR will have a happy ending?

I think TR is already happy and they don’t know it yet.

Q: A bit of a silly question, but do you identify with Meowth's hatred of Persians? Do you blame him for his hatred?

I hate 'dem Poishions.

Q: What would have happened if Togepi had stayed with Meowth?

A: Meowth and Togepi would have been very happy together.

Q: In the Dengeki Pikachu manga, there was a Meowth kitten that was heavily implied of being Meowth's daughter. Do you think Meowth would be a good father?

Yes. See above :)

Q: Do you think Meowth likes Giovanni more than Jessie/James? He's always imagining the guy half naked and such in the boss daydreams.

Uhm --I don’t believe in Boss/Meowth shipping, though I do wonder about Meowth and Skitty.

Q: Have you read any of the Pokemon Manga? Meowth is so cute in there

Yes I have.

Q: Do you think Meowth could/should evolve, or just stay regular old Meowth? It’s been eight years and he still shows no sign of evolving (Which is not a bad thing)

Meowth is a pretty bad example of a Meowth because he used all his brains trying' to talk like a human --he can't even do "spare change" --I don't expect he'll ever learn enough to evolve -- That's my subtext for hating Persians --he's jealous.

Q: Has playing Meowth become a major part of your life (despite it being your job @.@) and is there, like, an empty place in your life now?

Playing Meowth has been the most wonderful experience of my life.
--And yes --there's an emptiness now, but I'm sure that will fade over time.

Q: Are you a fan of the other aspects of the franchise, i.e. the video games or manga?

I like the manga very much --I'm all thumbs at video games so I don’t play them. Really -- I stink at them.

Q: With episode is you’re most favorite?

Go West, Young Meowth

Q: Who is your favorite twerp on Pokemon?

Max is my favorite twerp

Q: What're your top five favorite pokémon?

Corphish, Skitty, Ludikolo, Farfetched, Growlithe

Has there been a scene in the series that made you sad?

When Meowzy called me a FREAK!

If Jessie, James and Meowth left Team Rocket, what profession do you think they'd pursue next?

They would open up a diner.

Meowth would be a fry-cook, Jessie would greet guests and James would be the dishwasher.

Q: Do you think Meowth should've been catchable in the games it wasn't?(ie. Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow... are there any others?)

A: I do :)

Q: If Meowth's personality could be in the body of any other pokemon, which do you think it would suit most?

A: Corphish

Q: Who do you like more, Jessie or James?

A: I love them both.

Q: Do you have a favorite Team Rocket invention (like the ones used to steal Pokemon)?

A: The Giant Meowth Mecha

Q: Who's your least favorite major Pokemon in the show? Though, I get the feeling your answer's probably gonna be Pikachu (he constantly shocks Meowth and blows him into the stratosphere, after all).

'Dem poishons. I hate 'dem poishons.

Q: Team Rocket is an evil organisation run by Giovanni for the sake of profiting off crime. However, Jessie, James and Meowth are clearly good people. (well, good Pokemon in Meowth's case...)

So, my question... In your opinion Maddie, what is it that motivates our favorite trio to pursue a life of crime?

I think TR just likes to have a reason for being friends and hanging out together.

Q: What do you think Meowth would look like if he were human

A: Meowth would look just like me. (At least for the first 8 seasons)

Q: How do you feel about KrazyShipping? Or the relationship of Meowth and Pikachu? It's personally one of my favourite ships -They are just way too cute together.. It's so star-crossed!

A: I like Krazyshipping :)

How does it feel being portrayed as "the bad guy" even if Team Rocket ISN'T doing something bad, like the time Jessie caught that Smoochum and Ash and co. said it was stealing...

A: The twoips were da bad guys.

Team Rocket was da good guys!

Q: What do you think Meowth would ask for, for Christmas?

A: Woyld Peace.

Q: What is your favorite physical feature of Meowth?

Would it be his cat-like eyes, his sharp claws, or that shiny gold coin?

A: His eyes

Q: What was probably your favorite thing that Meowth did on the show? Act like Giovanni, fall in love with Skitty etc.

Try to hatch Togepi

Q: Out of all the gym leaders in the series, which one's your favorite?

A: Misty

Q: Do you think that the Battle Frontier saga has potential for the best season of Pokemon (before you knew you weren't part of season 9) like a lot of us do?

I think there are some exciting things in store for the twoips, It makes me sad not to be a part of it all. I hope the new guys are up to it.

Q: Do you have a favorite random filler character? You know, the one-off guys that we never see or hear from again

A: My favorite was Bill, The Lighthouse Keeper.

Q: What is your favorite trait about Meowth in the anime?

His capacity to love.

Q: Do you know the official spelling of Jessie/Jesse? I've seen many places use both spellings....including

A: Meowth usually calls her Jess.

Q: What is your opinion on the music for the Anime?

A: I prefer the Japanese music.

Q: What is your favorite Pokemon?

A: Corphish

Q: What do you think Meowth would like best in the real world?

A: Pizza

Q: In the episode where Meowth had to do Transform, what do you think was the most hard part of the show?

A: Trying to not laugh between takes.

Q: Do have any crushes on any of the characters from Pokemon or any anime?

A: I have a huge crush on both James and Jessie.

Q: If you catched the recent battle frontier episode where May and Meowth time travel, here is a question I have!
Are you proud that the new VA has stayed with Meowth’s touching side? Or do you think they still have a few kinks to work out before they get it right?

A: I haven't seen the Time Travel episode so I can't comment.

Q: What's your favorite Corphish-centered episode?

A: The first one

Q:Why is Meowth so uber criminally clever he's a cat

A: 'Cos he's from Brooklyn.

Q: Do you support any "ships" on Pokemon? If you don't know, shipping is the support of a couple (example: Ash/Misty, May/Drew, Jessie/James, and others). Whenever someone asks Veronica she either doesn't answer or says they seem like they have a sibling relationship. lol.

A: I support all shipping. It’s fun to imagine.

Q: I would like to know what Team Rocket trap is your favorite? I like the good ol' Pitfall trap.

A: The best is always the original --I liked the Pitfall best :)

Q: If Jessie and James were to ever split up and go their separate ways, who do you think Meowth would stay with?

A: Meowth would go with James. No question in my mind.

Q: And for a more light-hearted one: which Team Rocket episode do you consider the funniest?

A: Meowth Rules!

Q: What would Meowth's reaction be if he ever saw Gatomon from Digimon?

A: Fury Swipes.

Q: Do you relate to Meowth in any way?

A: Totally

Q: Do you think Meowth if he trained enough could finally beat Pikachu?

A: Sadly, Meowth used too much of his energy learning how to walk and talk like a human. But I bet he could beat Pikachu in a debate.

Q: Do you think Team Rocket will ever quit Team Rocket, or will they always be part of a criminal organization?

A: I think Team Rocket will always be Team Rocket.

Q: How do you feel when Team Rocket switches to the other side in the movies? (Like when they helped to save the world in Power of One, or when the save Ash in Spell of the Unown)

A: Team Rocket are always the good guys. The twoips are the bad guys.

Q: Why does Meowth always say, when he has a plan to impress the boss, Meowth and friends?

When Giovani is saying things when Meowth is really talking and then he aslways say "Mewoth and friends...." and all is because he deserves more appreciation? Or something that will recognize?(

A: Because Meowth is the top cat!

Q: Do you ever have trouble doing the open (or) closed mouth 'reactions' that Meowth has? Or are the reactions from Meowth more like screams? XD

A: Meowth must have a hundred of different reactions. The animators draw him so expressively --it's a challenge to keep up with his face.

Q: if Meowth ever evolved into a Persian, would you have voiced him?

A: U betcha

Q: Also, would you want Meowth to evolve? Why, why not?

A: I wouldn’t want it though. I think it would ruin his character.

Q: For another awfully generic question, what do you think about the fourth generation Pokemon?

A: I think the fourth gen is one of the most creative bunch yet.

Q: Whenever you start laughing, have you ever unintentionally started laughing like Meowth?

A: My natural laugh IS Meowth's laugh. LOL

Q: What is your favorite attack that Meowth can perform?

Q: What Pokemon would you like to see team rocket get (Beside ash Pickachu)

A: Team Rocket needs to get Togepi back from Misty. What dem twoips did by stealin' my widdle eggie weggie away from Meowth was criminal, I tell ya!

Q: As for Meowth taking care of Togepi, I don't think that would've worked out for Team Rocket. How would Jessie and James able to accomplish anything if their main brain is feeding Togepi?

A: Imagine da Boss...

Dere he is woikin' hard everyday wishin' he had a family ta come home to after a hard day at the office.

He comes home and he is instantly greeted at da door by his lovin' Meowth and dere little baby Togepi.

Puttin' his feet up on da recliner and settlin' back to watch his favorite ball game while sippin' a rootbeer, he looks into da adorin' eyes of his Meowth and dere litttle baby Togepi and he at last knows da true bliss of a lovin' family.

He breaths a sigh of contentment and he says...

For makin' me a lovin' Family Man at last, I will reward Meowth and his friends with big promotions and a corner office.

Q: Do you think Meowth likes Pikachu in a way? Some people think so, but I don't think they like each other anymore than acquaintances (did I spell that right?).

A: I think if things had been different Meowth and Pikachu could have been great friends.

Though --if you listen closely to the last episode that 4Kids did --Meowth said he was "Blaustein Off". I admit it.

Q: The good guys are always supposed to win, right? So why can't Team Rocket win even once?

A: Blame Jesse and James.

Q: Would you agree that Meowth is the Moe Howard (The Three Stooges) of the group?

A: Interesting thought. Meowth is nicer than Moe though.

Q: If you could write a series of stories (novels, graphic novels, etc) based on the Pokemon anime that's out of series canon, what would they be about?

Pokemon stories from other historical eras.

Medieval Pokemon adventures, Wild West Pokemon Adventures, Pirate Pokemon adventures --it's endless.

Q: Do you think Meowth should be like a movie star and live the rich Malibu life?

A: Meowth may want to be a movie star and live a rich Malibu life --but he's more likely to get a job sweeping floor4s in a pizza parlor in Brooklyn.

Q: Between these two felines which would Meowth be more in love with, Meowzy or Skitty?

A: Skitty. Meowzy called Meowth a FREAK!!

Q: Do you, as yourself, dislike Persian?

A: I love all cats.
I think Persians are among the coolest of Pokemons.

Q: If TR chose a talking Pokemon other than Meowth, which Pokemon would you want it to be?

A: If Meowth had been able to keep Togepi, I have no doubt he would have taught it to speak like a human.

Darn that Misty!!!!

Q: Claimed Meowth as your bishie yet?

A: Meowth has always been my bishie.

Q: If you play the video games (main series), do you consider the use of ubers (Pokemon such as Mewtwo and Rayquaza) cheap and unfair.

A: I've tried playing the video games --but I am so horrible at all video games that I stuck to the card game.

Q: Does it make you angry that many Pokemon fans like Pokemon in secret as their friends will make fun of them if they made their interest known?

A: It doesn't make me angry --it surprises me though.

Q: Do you think Meowth will ever retire from team rocket and become a Pokemon ambassador? You know all those episodes where there are wild pokemon upset and 'the twerps' have to figure what’s wrong and then fix it. Meowth could be like the link between human/pokemon conflicts. He could probably make a lot more money on that then team rocket too.

A: They would open up Salon Rock-et

Q: How come whenever James releases a Pokemon, It tends to hurt him in a friendly way (Victreebell, Cacnea)?

A: James is a very nice guy --but he has no clue how to be a trainer.

Q: Which would you rather have, a Skitty or a Delcatty?

A: Skitty -sooooooo kawaii!

Q: What do you think Meowth really wants out of life? Is he still ultimately focused on money and power, like when he first joined up with Team Rocket?

A: I have ALWAYS played Meowth with the subtext that he just wants to be loved.

Q: What Pokemon would Meowth love to give to the boss more than Pikachu? And how do you think the fantasy would go?

A: Himself

here --I'll write my very first fanfic!


Imagin da' boss sittin' in his study wit 'dem borin' old poishons wit nuttin to do.

Allofasudden in walks Meowth, wit a pair o' Mets tickets --box seats no less!

There dey are --enjoyin' a beautiful New York day. The air is breezy and Meowth is buyin' Hot dogs and Soda wit his Spare Change. A high fly pop ball arcs over da Bosses head, and Meowth, wit no concoin for his own safety leaps expoitley in ta da air and deftly catches the ball and presents it to da Boss.

Meowth (imitating Boss):

Because you have brought me to dis exciting Baseball Game, bought me hotdogs and sodapop, and caught a game ball fer me. Meowth is now my favorite Pokemon and will live wit me happily ever aftuh.

Q: Which fic was your favorite out of all that you've read?

A: I can't pick a favorite --but I'm a Blueshipper if that helps.

Q: You watch the Pokemon anime; do you see yourself inside Meowth? I mean, does he sort of remind you of your own personality?

A: I like to think of Meowth as being me with no inhibitions.

Q: What was your favorite episode?
Mine is episode 16 (Pokemon Shipwreck), which is kind of weird because that's the episode you started voice Acting Pokemon for.

A: Did I? Who did I play? I don't recall

Q: Have you ever tried to cosplay as Meowth?

A: No. But this Halloween I'm going to go as Edna Mole

Q: If Meowth were to, hypothetically, evolve into Persian, how do you think it would affect him? Would he like being in that more advantageous form, or would he go crazy? Would he retain his ability to stand and speak?

A: Due to his spending all his energies on walking and talking human --I don't believe he will ever evolve.

Q: Heh, a lot of fans notice a lot of Team Rocket's lines often have, double meanings, Meowth's "Yeah, that might be right up his tree. You know how the boss likes having anything just so long as that thing is the biggest or the best?" line certainly can be taken the wrong way.

A: I'm a huge fan of Meowth/Boss shipping --so shhhhhhhhhh

Q: Oh yeah, Hooked on Onix was on today. Did you watch it? (Lame I know. I was in comics question asking mode)

A: I did indeed! An excellent Team Rocket episode.

Q: Do you think Jessie and James will ever get together?



A: I LOVE Broadway musicals. My favorite is King and I, and Sweeny Todd.
Off Broadway I saw a wonderful production of "Shockheaded Peter" that I just adored.

Q: Do you check out fanfics in your spare time?

A: Yes

Q: If so, how does it feel having your character being part of a number of fanfics?

A: I like the Meowth shippy ones the best.

Q: Do you know Japanese?

A: No. But my brother Jeremy is fluent in Japanese.

Q: Maddie, do you ever visit IRC Chat rooms? It would be cool for you to visit the Serebii Chatroom.

A: Maybe one day --but I need to take a long break from discussing Pokemon right now.

Q: Do you think you look like Edna Mode from The Incredibles?

A: OMG! I totally DO!!!!! hahahahahahahaha.

Q: Anyway, do you think you could possibly make us a recording of yourself (in your Meowth voice, of course), saying something along the lines of: "Hey all you Pokemon fans out 'dere, what are you waiting' for!? Save Our Voice Actors! The time to email Time Warner is now! And hurry, before I blast off again!!!!" (or, if you want to, you could just simply say something short about saving the voice actors).

A: If woid got out 'dat I did sumpin' fer free....

Seriously, I would need permission to do even a free publicity thing. I could get in trouble from Nintendo (which is the last thing I need right now!) They own Meowth --not me. I'd do one as myself though.

Q: What are you good at? Did you have strong subjects at school?

A: draw very well. I went to Art School.

Q: What was the name of your school?

A: I went to SUNY at Purchase

Q: I go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Have you ever heard of that school?

A: yes --good school!

Q: FYI, I'm not uncomfortable because I don't understand it; I'm uncomfortable because I do. I get how some people feel like they're trapped in the opposite gender's body and all that. What I'm saying is that maybe they should understand that it's most likely not a mistake that they are the way they are. I'm not pretending that I know everything about it, like why some people are born with deformities and life-threatening illnesses. I just can't help feeling that, somehow, we were ultimately endowed with what we needed to survive and be happy in this world from the get-go, and that we don't need to physically change or improve ourselves in any way. Call me religious, but I still think that's the way of nature when you come down to it. Sorry to Maddie Blaustine and all you other guys if I'm making you uncomfortable or mad or anything else, but that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it, just like you guys are to yours.

A: Except MY opinion concerns MY own body and does not judge YOU. With all due respect you know nothing of my life and what factors went into my decisions about how to live MY life.

Nature made me exactly what I am thank you. A woman. What I was "endowed" with and what I choose to do with my "endowment" is not your concern.

I'm quite happy to answer questions about Pokemon and other anime subjects, but spare me your judgment of my life. That is really too much!

Q: So Maddie, do you think any Pokémon could manage to learn human speech, or does it take something extra in Pokémon like Meowth?

Q: I heard you’re a big Law and Order Criminal intent fan, is this true?

A: and yes --I am a huuuuuuuuuuge Law and Order CI fan. Robert Goren is da bomb.

Q: Are you enjoying speaking on these forums?

A: Very much so.

Q: Your parrot sounds hilarious, and very smart. What kind is he?

A: He is! He's a Jenday Conure.

Q: Have you played a musical instrument in a band of some sorts during your school years?

A: Trumpet

Q: What are your favorite video games?

A: Ms. Pac Man. I totally rock at Ms. Pac Man

Q: Remember a few years ago when the northeast had that big blackout? Where were you during that, Miss Blaustein?

A: I was at an Indigo Girls concert and had to spend the night wrapped up in a picnic blanket in Central Park

Q: Do you like Power Rangers? I love the new one: Mystic Ranger. It is kind of similar to Pokemon in my opinion because of the ongoing seasons/elemental powers and I love it! I love Pokemon and Power Rangers!

A: I LOOOVE Power Rangers -- BUT--
Best show ever to be made??

Q: How could we get your autograph? If that's ok with you.

A: Send a SASE with whatever you want autographed to 4Kids (attn: Maddie Blaustein) and I'd be happy to sign a autograph :)

Q: I don't mean to like bring up bad memories of any kind, but have people ever treated in a bad way or differently since you are transgendered?

A: Sadly it does happen. Yes. But it also happens that some people treat me with more respect for living my life on my own terms. :)

Q: I know this is random but do you play Neopets?

A: My nephews and my nieces always try to get me to play.
Honestly though --anything newer than Ms. Pacman is just way out of my league.

I do play Sims2 though!

Q: What’s your favorite cereal?

A: Frosted flakes

Q: And I've read that you had a parrot and a cat so far, do you have any other pets?

A: I used to have a Dwarf Rabbit named Natasha and a Guniea Pig named Ella.

Q: Have you ever seen the movie "Treasure Planet"? If you did, what did you think of it?

A: I love that movie.

Q: What's your favorite Disney movie?

A: Mulan

Q: What’s your favorite color!? *shot*

A: Pink and Black.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: Amélie.

Q: What odd jobs did you do before you went to voice acting? (I want to ask that question because I heard so many stories of celebrities having odd jobs before they became famous.

A: Let's see --I was a fry cook, a telephone solicitor, a custom for amer,a comic book writer, and I still am a photographer.

Q: How old are you and where do you live?

A: I'm 45 and I'm from Brooklyn! Where else?

Q: Do you want to scan a photo with signature for me (post it here or PM me :)

A: I'd feel very strange doing that.

Q: Do you believe that children do not read anymore?

A: When Mr. Kahn said that --I think it was before the Harry Potter craze.

Seems Harry Potter turned that around. So I'd say that what was true then --is no longer true.

Q: Are you just here to answer our questions and to get us to write. Or are you going to be a real member?

A: I’ll stick around long past the time you get bored with me.

Q: If a film was made about your life, who would you like the play the role of you? :P

A: Joan Jett

Q: What's your favorite type of music!

A: Currently I'm addicted to The Dresden Dolls.

Q: Do you have another favorite talking cat with an attitude

A: Top Cat.